Thursday, 12 April 2012

Random Encounters

Last week Steve Winters at Howling tower was talking about Random encounters  and one of his posts reminded me of another post I had read from The Alexandrian about random adventures rather than random encounters.

As a result I have decided to add to all of the This is Thracia Random Encounter Tables some strange events and things that are not just straight fights with wondering monsters, as well as use something like the NPC reaction tables from the Ad&d DMG and add a start distance to events and encounters as well. (probably with a distance based on the terrain they are in which i think I first saw in third edition.)

So some of the things I am planning on making random encounters are:

A Knight that has lost his Squire
A Squire that has lost his Knight
Odd Weather
Divine Something or other
A Dragon flies over head
Unusual corpse (roll on random encounter table for region to figure out what of)
An Ogre mage impersonating the Cursed Knight

any more ideas in the comments please.