Monday, 30 April 2012

Small Changes

So one of the things I am finding especially helpful in the 4hour body diet are the number of small changes and tips that can make a big difference in fat loss.

I will be writing a more in-depth review of the book for a blog post next week (once I have finished reading it again!).

Some of the small changes I have found most effective and easiest so far are:

Have breakfast within 30 mins of waking up and make it high in protien.

I have been eating 2 eggs either scrambled or hard boiled. There is an excellent video about peeling hard boiled eggs here:

Drink 500 ml Ice water immediately upon waking up.

Take cold showers and use Ice packs.

In the book he recommends combining it with ice packs in the evenings and Cold Showers (Cold Showers are bracing). This ups your Resting Metabolic Rate (apparently) allowing you to burn more calories while doing nothing.

Perform a short set of exercise immediately before large meals (and again about 1.5 - 2 hours later as well if you can).

I have been doing 25 air squats and 25 wall push ups, and am increasing the reps each day.

Make it a game.

Ant  and I have a set of penalty points and forfeits that strongly encourage us to stick to it. His forfeit for me involves a leather mankinni, and as a result I have yet to cheat on my diet. Feel free to suggest forfeits for Ant in the comments.

Take Photographs.

One of the things that really got me to stick to my diet long enough for it to become a habit was photographing myself as a before picture and then taking a photo of everything immediately before I ate it. It forced me to think about whether I actually wanted to eat whatever it was.

Tell people about it (especially binge days).

All of my work collegues are a little bit bored of hearing me talk about my diet. Getting to show people all the food I get to eat on my binge day has also been very entertaining. Like so, the picture below is Saturdays Lunch.

Get people around you to keep you honest.
This can be a big help, never undervalue moral support and enthusiasm to get you through tough spots.

Finally; Exercise that isn't exercise.

I have set up a standing desk at work.  This is a slight exaggeration as I have put some boxes on my desk and moved my chair away!  But as a result I am now standing up for at least half the work day.

So what are your top tips?