Friday, 1 February 2013

Feb Diet bet and This is Thracia

I’m doing a february Diet bet with some guys at work. I have wagered that I will lose 10lbs in february and will add a pound to the pot every time I break Diet. I currently Weigh 14st 10lbs and aim to be under 14 stone by the end of the month.

I’m also going to start a This is Thracia DnD Next Game on G+ on Tuesdays to go alongside the Friday game.

Meanwhile Friday’s This is Thracia Game is progressing well. So far since restarting and converting to Pathfinder the players have cleared out the lair of a Giant Owlbear,  Investigated the monastery of an atlantean scholastic order that had been attacked by the agents of the Fire temple, and returned to the Moathouse and dispatched the Gnome Air Temple illusionists that were guarding the upper level.

This evening they plan to clear out the basement level and wait for the resupplies that one of the captured Gnomes spoke about.

Drop a note in the comments if you are interested in joining in the G+ games.