Thursday, 21 February 2013


This week I weigh 14st and 2 lbs. I need to lose another 2 lbs by this time next week to win this month’s Diet bet.

Going back to Ninjutsu and a conversation with Ceri have got me thinking about Rolling. K8 told me an awesome quote about it on the way home from training on Monday:

“You roll in order to move quickly out of the way without needing to rely on having to use your feet or legs in the usual fashion. Especially if there are vertical or horizontal ‘issues’ to overcome en route.”

So the following is what I know about rolling right now, it’s something I’m going to come back to as I get better at it again as well.

1. Learn to breakfall
2. Start near the floor
3. Keep your limbs in
4. Protect your knees!
5. LOOK where you are going and where you have come from in case you are being pursued
6. Aim to finish in a safe and ready position with your toes under your feet braced to allow further quick movement
7. Practice

Falling is important, a black belt in ninjutsu pretty much tells other people you can fall and therefore it is safe to train fully with you.