Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Magic Items

Short post today, here are some magic Items I am leaving in treasure hordes in This is Thracia as well as some I wrote for 13th Age.

Daedalus Wax
Comes in a pot with 1d6 uses must be melted and painted on the users back. Then once that day the user can Fly their speed for one hour. Potential drawbacks: while applied user takes double damage from fire. Fly spell dispelled If user takes fire damage while flying. May also cause feelings of overconfidence.

 Map of Groaning Ground

This Thin calf skin, leather map looks like the drawings and markings have been etched into the leather with fire. Enchanted by the dwarves hunting Living dungeons before they reach the surface for the dwarf King. It’s original purpose was to detail the insides of the dungeons as the dwarves hunt them. One side will show a large scale view of the land surrounding Forge, marked with the locations of dangerous underground locations. The Other has a map of the last Dungeon or similar place the owner explored.
Quirk, constantly wants to sketch a quick map of the local area.

Essentially this is a magical item that is also a plot hook and excuse to give the players a map of the dungeon in advance, or make it from Dwarven Forge, and then surprise them with the contents.

Demon Trapping Sack

Large Sack made of Strangely stretchy leather like Skin. (Demon SKin)
This Sack can be used to trap a Demon.
It makes one attack at Users Level + 3/5/7 by tier vs MD Success sucks the Demon inside the bag. The Demon gets last gasp saves. If it fails them it is trapped in the bag for a year and a day. The bag can only hold 1 demon at a time. If the bag is opened while a demon is inside it is let out they are normally very angry
These sacks are sometimes used by agents of the Diabolist to smuggle demons into places.
It is said that there are Vaults full of these bags and their trapped demons in the Golden Citadel.