Monday, 4 February 2013

Magic Item origins in This is Thracia

An interesting thing about the magic items in Dnd Next is that it has tables for the items origins and minor abilities. So I amended the table to reflect my This is Thracia Setting:

I wanted magic items to be rare so creating them needs a specific ritual for each item and then specific reagents (that would typically require an adventure to get) to complete the ritual as well as a Gold Piece cost and the other prerequisites.

Roll 1D20 for item origin or choose
1 –4 Legion Made - The closest thing to mass produced Magical items, many officers centurions and similar in the legions had enchanted gear. These are by far and away the most common source for magic items. I might go so far as to say if it is a common item it is of legion make.

5 Celestial - Olympian Crafted on the slopes of mount olympus, probably by Cyclopean Smiths. These items are often replicas (of lesser power) of that magical items wielded by the Gods. This would also include Gifts from the gods such as those that perseus received. This would also include items that became magical because of the actions of a deity.

6 Draconic - Made by or from a dragon. Obviously both mean that the items are of interest to other Dragons you might meet. That may or may not be a good thing.

7 Oriental - There is some trade in these via constantinople and the silk road.

8–10 Dwarven - Typically made by the Followers of Haephasteus. They are also the people most likely to have a ritual to make a specific item or be able to work one out for you.

11 Elemental (air)
12 Elemental (earth)
13 Elemental (fire)
14 Elemental (water)
All of these were crafted by the temple of Elemental evil and reflect their element of origin, often found in the hands of The temple forces or their flunkies.

15–17 Elven - Locally made items are similar to Olympian but clearly of this world and of slightly lesser (but still exquisite craftsmanship).

18 Fiendish / Abyssal - Often given as ways of sealing Deals with Mortals, these items will typically be made by binding an infernal creature into the form of the item. Owning one of these is a really good way to be accused of Demomancy.

19 Atlantean - very old often made of strange metals mined from beneath the sea. Only the Atlkanteans had the skills to make Adamantium items.

20 Fey - Fey items are likely to have come from the Tuatha Dé Danann, and possibly will have been given as gifts to mortals as part of the great game all the fey are playing.

This is specifically for the area the players are currently exploring, if they were to migrate i’d change the frequency on the table as well as probably some of the entries.

Some example currently in the hands of my players:

Auxillas Armour: A +1 suit of Studded leather Lorica grants a bonus to any checks to avoid fatigue or exhaustion. ~(In next I would have it grant advantage, in pathfinder It might grant the feat.)

The 8th Sword of Ares This +2 Bastard Sword is as it’s name suggests the 8th Sword Wielded by Ares. When held by a follower of Ares the sword grants proficiency in its use and counts as a holy symbol.