Thursday, 7 February 2013

This is Thracia Places of Interest

Many (but far from all) of the ruins and places of adventure in my This is Thracia Campaign have been revealed on the table map, some by exploration and others by Rumour.

Here is a selection of some of them and what happened there according to people in the arena: (players in This is Thracia should not follow the links)

Hermean Standing Stones - These four standing stones within half a day of Cannakale are inscribed with Hermean Symbols. In the center of them is another stone inscribed with a Teleport Circle.

The Thorn Rimmed Mirror - Hidden a couple of days march into the Black Wood. This man high mirror stands covered by a Canvas tarpaulin in the center of a circle of Briars. It is reputedly a gateway to the realm of the Goblin King.
“It is the portal to the realm of the idiot djinns - a vector for a disease of the mind.” - Farouqe

Troy - The Ruins of the Haunted city are cursed by Hecate. It is said that any who fall here are doomed to rise again and that many of the heroes who fell in its siege now rule the city as undead lords. Adventurers have only braved its walls once thus far even though great treasures are said to be hidden within.
“Troy?  it's full of unkillable undead spirits bound by a curse that has endured for centuries, but the  architecture is quite lovely.” - Xavian The Greatest Thief in the Mediterranean.

The Haunted Manor House - An Abandoned manor house belonging to the foxglove family, before Adventurers burnt it down. Reputed to be both Haunted and home to a particularly creepy Ghoul who was apparently obsessed with Dianakous. Luckily nothing unusual has happened there since it was burnt down, though no one has been back to check.

The Bugbear Cave - Also in the Black Wood, located at the top of a scree slope. This cavern complex employs well organised Bugbear Guards and a variety of creepy Spider’s and weird looking Elves.
“Iola assured me that the majority of them were huge, beastly creatures, mostly bigger than a horse - just the prospect of those seemed worth the journey. Well, the first spiders we found were nothing of the sort: rather they were tiny, scuttling things cast at me by a robed Elf. And besides that, there were Bugbears - and more Bugbears. Where these giant spiders Iola spoke of were hiding is a mystery to me” - Mouse

The Haunted Prison - Located north of the Moat House in Temple Valley and south of the Black Wood Mountains. The tower has long since toppled but the prisons beneath it are intact. It was here that Domnicus Asiagenus (the former Legate of Cannakale) fled with the severed head of his wife and turned her into a Flesh Golem, before Magnicus Judged him with The Hammer of Law.

The Sunken Keep - This keep south of the Temple River was swallowed by the earth leaving it at the bottom of a deep ravine. Inhabited by warring tribes of Kobolds and Goblins. The adventurers who delved within emerged with the hide of a White Dragon.

The Ruined Keep - Twin to the Sunken Keep, these two fortresses were built to guard against the return of the temple but soon fell into disuse as the resources of the empire were spent elsewhere. The single foray into it has revealed Goblins and Hobgoblins working towards a sinister aim but no other details.

The Caverns of Thracia - One of the first places explored by adventurers, these ruins and tunnels lie under a strange jungle. The most recent foray here nearly ended in disaster, with the Delvers having to escape using a bodged linked portal scroll.

The Temple River - Several explored and half explored complexes lie along this valley. The Strange Elven burial mound with moving walls, The Ruined Bridge and the Troll infested tunnels beneath it. The Moat house (now cleared and re occupied by Temple Forces three times), There was also a Giant Owlbear that had it’s lair in the valley and A Gaint is rumoured to keep a herd of Elephants in there as well.

Other briefly explored locations: There are sea caves near town regularly used by smugglers and pirates. A fort run by a Mage researching the curse just south of Troy. A dungeon complex southeast of town that houses a Gorgimera that the arena has offered a reward for. A dwarven fortress lost to Orcs at the eastern end of the Blackwood. Not to mention the lairs of several Dragons and the Pirate Island.

The Players also have a document of information they have assembled and session summaries and it can be viewed here:

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